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I haven’t posted in a good amount of time. What have I been doing?

  • Traveling and marking off lots of bucket list items in Alaska and New York
  • Graduating college with two degrees
  • Working
  • Looking for a job

Now, let me be honest with this post. On the big scale or plan of life, it all sounds like I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m definitely not complaining about these awesome events, absolutely not. What I am here to make known are the small events. Those little actions that make up daily life. Those good, healthy, and productive actions we wish would become habits.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my own life, thinking about myself the past few years. I thought about when I was happiest, when life was the smoothest, what my goals were, and how have they changed. To cut to the chase, I’ve realized that I have been focusing on all the big things and have forgotten to keep up with the small things.

For example:

  • reading my bible daily
  • praying daily
  • exercising regularly
  • taking a few minutes to stretch
  • spending time by myself to reflect or be creative
  • taking time to clean/declutter
  • blogging

They are just a few examples, and yet I find my life affected by their absence. These small activities had a bigger impact on my life than I took time to realize before. Typically, these actions made me feel good–a bit more put together–and made it feel like my day was running smoother.

So this is my restart, blogging and all the small things. I don’t have much of an excuse why I stopped them before; I don’t think many of us do. Just the same: “I got busy. I just forgot. I had other things to focus on.” I know I have time for them; I can definitely make time for them.

The small things…they are so easy to forget and let slip away…

The small things…they can be hard to keep up and make into habits, but they are so worth it.

Don’t delay it. Don’t put it off. If you need a restart on dreams, goals, new year’s resolutions, or small action, it is ok. Restart now. Take action. Be happy.

I want to leave you with one more thing:

I live by the quote “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Well sometimes, we focus on that moon too much, and we forget the stars around us. Whether your stars be small actions, present goals, or people, remember them.

Yours Truly,

Steph 🙂