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Broken Vessels

IMG_3349For Wise Words Wednesday, I am glad to introduce my first guest blogger, Brandi Schneider.

Brandi is an incredible person whom I have known for more than ten years now. I know that I can always look to her for an excellent conversation, advice, or real talk. Even if her words rub someone the wrong way, she is always blunt and honest in a way that comes from a truly caring heart.

She works for a nonprofit organization called “Project Semicolon”, and she is a part of the Paradigm Shift and 20 Camp teams. I appreciate Brandi for all that she does, for what a great friend she is, and for her openness in all her blog posts. I hope you enjoy these wise words from her:

We are broken people. We live in a broken world with other broken people and we have a nasty habit of breaking others. Broken things need to be fixed. But not on our own. No no. Our habit for breaking others should be indicator enough that we aren’t in the business of repairs.

But I want so desperately to be in the business of repairs. I try to be. Sometimes I succeed. Oftentimes I fail.

I wonder what, if any, good can come from my brokenness. So much so that I convince myself that nothing good can come from it. So in the frenzy of trying to fix myself, I break others along the way. I don’t mean to. Sometimes I’m not even aware of it.

But as I prepare to lead worship tonight, the lyrics begin to wash over me. “Take this heart Lord, I’ll be your vessel. The world to see your life in me.”

This song is about brokenness. And the grace that is found in and through it.

My brokenness is beautiful to Him.
Your brokenness. It’s beautiful.

We can’t fix our brokenness. And I’m not sure that should be our goal anymore.

The more and more I recall the broken moments of my life, the more I realize that there was such beauty found within them. Like a diamond waiting in the rough. The brokenness created something so beautiful.

Let Him take your brokenness. Let Him refine it, press it, then make it beautiful.

Stop trying to repair something that the Father desires to mold into something beautiful. Stop breaking people along the way. And stop trying to fix them before they’ve found their beauty.

The sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

I pray that you have found some kind of hope intertwined through my words. I hope you close this feeling refreshed and encouraged.

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Until next time,