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Bucket List!

Stephanie’s Bucket List

  1. Go to New York City (Accomplished)
  2. Go to Scotland
  3. Go to Ireland (Accomplished)
  4. Travel for a mission trip-anywhere (Accomplished)
  5. Learn to play the piano
  6. Learn how to do an accent really well
  7. Learn how to creatively write & then write a book
  8. Write at least five theatre skits related to God
  9. Lead kids to Christ while teaching
  10. Finish my Wreck Journal
  11. Climb a rock-wall all the way to the top
  12. Learn to tap dance
  13. Swing dance with my husband on our wedding day
  14. Go to a Thunder game
  15. Be a Disney Princess
  16. Be the troop leader for my daughter(s)
  17. See the Northern Lights
  18. Take my mom to Italy
  19. Be able to identify 16 constellations
  20. Take a bus tour across America
  21. Learn how to knit scarfs, animals, and hats
  22. Accomplish the 2 liter challenge in under 10 minutes
  23. Make a cheesecake
  24. Create and sew a complete costume
  25. Eat french pastries on the Eiffel Tower with a loved one
  26. Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida (accomplished)
  27. Be a stage manager for a college show (accomplished)
  28. Be a lead in a college show (accomplished)
  29. Make grape juice with my feet
  30. Tag some cars (accomplished)
  31. Be apart of an awesome flashmob in a really public place
  32. Go to Australia with my best friend Kayla Kamp
  33. Ride a ferry in New Orleans
  34. Eat a whole chinese meal with chopsticks successfully
  35. Experience zero gravity
  36. Hold a tiger cub (accomplished but would love to do again)
  37. Stay 24 hours in a Walmart
  38. Make a sand castle on the beach successfully (Accomplished)
  39. Eat really hot chicken wings (accomplished)
  40. Build a bear on a date
  41. See Kristen Chenoweth perform live (accomplished)
  42. Get Kristen Chenoweth’s autograph (accomplished)
  43. See Team Starkid live (accomplished)
  44. Meet Team Starkid (accomplished)
  45. Go Sky-diving
  46. Go indoor sky-diving (accomplished)
  47. Visit all 50 states
  48. Go to a Leakycon
  49. investigate a haunted house
  50. Ride a motorcycle
  51. Adopt a dog
  52. Be in a Color Run (Accomplished)
  53. Visit the Oklahoma Science Museum (Accomplished)
  54. Night Hike at Sparrowhawk (Accomplished)
  55. Go on a random roadtrip (Accomplished)
  56. Go to a drive-in movie (Accomplished)
  57. Sleep on a trampoline (Accomplished)
  58. Go to the Center of the Universe in Tulsa (Accomplished)
  59. Participate in an Open Mic Night (Accomplished)
  60. See the sun rise (Accomplished)
  61. Dye my hair for the first time (Accomplished)
  62. Visit the Chickasaw Culture Center (Accomplished)
  63. Visit the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley (Accomplished)
  64. Learn to play the game RISK (Accomplished)
  65. Go to Pops on Route 66 (Accomplished)
  66. Watch a meteor shower (Accomplished)
  67. Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle
  68. Try pasta in Italy
  69. Visit the original Starbucks in Seattle
  70. Go on a coffee date
  71. Eat a cannoli in Italy
  72. Try bubble tea (accomplished)
  73. Visit the Hollywood walk of fame
  74. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  75. Play beach volleyball
  76. Own a nice camera
  77. Take a photography class (Accomplished)
  78. Put a lock on a love bridge
  79. Play on a paint slip n’ slide
  80. Have a water balloon paint fight
  81. Drink from a coconut
  82. Become a teacher (accomplished)
  83. Participate in a paint fight
  84. Let go of a paper lantern (Accomplished)
  85. Play hide and seek in Ikea
  86. Wish on a shooting star (Accomplished)
  87. Finish an entire coloring book
  88. Make a dreamcatcher
  89. Be able to run a mile
  90. Run a 5k
  91. Be able to do one pull-up
  92. Stand under the Hollywood sign
  93. Attend a masquerade
  94. Try every cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
  95. Learn sign language (Accomplished)
  96. Visit a castle in Europe
  97. Ride a double-decker bus (accomplished)
  98. Ride a segway (Accomplished)
  99. Get my passport (Accomplished)
  100. Ride a train [Dart in Ireland] (Accomplished)
  101. Eat an Authentic Irish Breakfast (Accomplished)
  102. Polar Plunge in the Irish Sea (Accomplished)
  103. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (Accomplished)
  104. Watch the sun rise on the beach (Accomplished)
  105. Ride on a Double decker bus (Accomplished)
  106. Smash a pie in someone’s face
  107. See the Statue of Liberty (accomplished)
  108.  See a Broadway show (accomplished)
  109.  Climb a mountain (accomplished)
  110.  Pet a Moose (accomplished)
  111.  Try whale (accomplished)
  112.  Have coffee at Kaladi Brother’s Coffee in Alaska (Accomplished)
  113.  Touch a Glacier (Accomplished)
  114.  Walk on a Glacier (Accomplished)
  115. Go parasailing (accomplished)
  116. Direct a musical
  117. Go to Ellis Island (accomplished)
  118. Go to Grand Central Terminal (accomplished)
  119. Visit the NY Public Library (accomplished)
  120. See Idina Menzel perform in a show (accomplished)
  121. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s (accomplished)
  122. Walk in Central Park  (accomplished)
  123. Play on the piano at Schwarz  (accomplished)
  124. Get a metro card/ride the subway  (accomplished)
  125. Go to Chelsea’s market and eat a Fat Witch brownie (the best) (accomplished)
  126. Walk the highline (accomplished)
  127. Eat New York Pizza (Artichoke’s) (accomplished)
  128. Go to a Comedy Club in NY (accomplished)
  129. Visit Battery Park (accomplished)
  130. Take a picture with the charging bull (accomplished)
  131. Walk down Wall street (accomplished)
  132. Visit China Town (accomplished)
  133. Eat a cannoli in Little Italy (accomplished)
  134. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge  (accomplished)
  135. Eat New York Cheesecake (Junior’s in Brooklyn was the best!) (accomplished)
  136. Go to the Today Show (accomplished)
  137. See Radio City(accomplished)
  138. Go to the Top of the Rock(accomplished)
  139. Have a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s (accomplished)
  140. See Van Gogh’s “Starry Night’ at MoMa (accomplished)
  141. Eat at Carlo’s in New Jersey (accomplished)
  142. Go to the top of the Empire State building(accomplished)
  143. Visit the Met museum (accomplished)
  144. Visit the American Museum of Natural History(accomplished)
  145. Eat a New York hotdog (Gray Papaya)(accomplished)
  146. Eat food from a food truck/cart (accomplished)
  147. Visit Times Square (accomplished)
  148. Ride in a New York Taxi (accomplished)
  149. See Ed Sheeran in concert (accomplished)
  150. Meet Pentatonix (accomplished)
















































































































































































Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Go to an amusement part (8/11/13)
2. Camping trip, and I get to build the fire lol (Basically lol 8/7/13)
3. Visit the Reeds–Derek Anthony Reed and Kelli Clark-Reed (5/23-24/13)
4. Go on a trip to the Oklahoma Science Museum with my buddy- Kayla Kamp (6/1/13)
5. Spend a night with Janna Blumenberg in Edmond (8/7-9/13)
6. Go on a completely random road trip (5/23-24/13)
7. Night hike at Sparrow hawk (5/6/13)
8. Train up to run a 5k (Basically throughout the summer)
9. (I’m tempted to put “do insanity here”…) (This happened in the middle of July)
10. Go to a drive-in movie (8/4/13)
11. Lasertag will happen 😉 (5/23/13)
12. Movie marathon….but which series? (8/12/13)
13. Starkid marathon with Lizzie Depriest and Caitlyn Crissler.(8/15/13)
14. Go on a picnic (5/12/13)
15. Stargazing (5/6/13)
16. Sleep outside, in a hammock or on a trampoline (7/3/13)
17. Finally watch Star Wars (8/12/13)
18. See the musical “Lion King” (6/9/13)
19. Attend some sporting event (7/30/13)
20. Go to the Center of the Universe (8/4/13)
21. Participate in an Open Mic Night (5/18/13)
22. Make a ton of bracelets to wear. It happens every summer (all summer and tons of bracelets were indeed made lol)
23. Plan a fun way to see the sunrise (5/18/13)
24. Tie-dye (7/29/13)
25. Visit the IHOP (International House of Prayer) (postponed)
26. Dye my hair for the first time (5/10/13)
27. Visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center (5/23/13)
28. Visit The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley (5/24/13)
29. Play the game risk for the first time (5/23/13) LOTR!
30. Go to Pops on Route 66
31. Watch a meteor shower

Also up to add more if you’ve got some ideas!


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