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About me…

Well, since I’m an education major I had to make this short nifty bio/story thing. You can check it out here: Stephanie Louise.

Or you could just read on. I’ll keep it brief for right now.

Name: Stephanie Louise Bolen

Age: 22

Current life situation: Pursuing both a major in Theatre and a major in English Education. I’m a very busy and active person, and I like my life that way. My actives include Chi Alpha, Theatre Company, President of Alpha Psi Omega, Paradigm shift team member, The 20 Leadership Camp PR, and a youth intern at my church.

Religious beliefs: I love Jesus. Every day I’m working on my personal relationship, and He never fails to amaze me. One thing I hope for is that my passion brings him fame. Want to know more, just ask. I’d love to talk about it sometime.

Favorite quote: “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” by Les Brown


I strongly suggested checking out the storybird above because it is pretty cool and because I’m currently done putting info about myself on this page. 😉


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