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Sometimes You Just Have to Breathe

Throw Back Thursday…


just breathe

Fact: I’m a busy person.

Sometimes I can get overwhelmed; it happens. However, sometimes it just takes a moment to calm down. Sometimes it just takes some breathing.

I’m starting to realize how important breathing is. Basic concept right? But how often do you  think about it really? Here are two situations that point out how important breathing is.

1. This summer I started working with a friend to get fit. He is a football player who is nice enough to be my trainer and get me into shape. I’m calling him coach 🙂 Every week, I go through a four day workout plan, and I admit, it really pushes me. It’s great though; I’m really loving the challenge. Anyways, something coach keeps repeating and trying to drill into me is just to breathe. “Remember to breathe.” “You gotta breathe.” “Better be breathing.” I admit, breathing really isn’t my forte…

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