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If you want to talk about something that takes real talent and teamwork, watch any video of an a cappella group performing.

Earlier this year, I randomly came across a group called Pentatonix on youtube and then continued to watch videos from the show “Sing Off”. In case you’ve never heard of the show, it is a show where a cappella groups compete, like “American Idol” or “America’s Best Dance Crew”. Pentatonix won season three of the “Sing Off”, and they are incredible.

I’ve watched them and other a cappella groups, and I seriously think “WOW”.

First off, just consider the amount of practice and skill goes into it. A member has to know pitch, tempo, etc. They have to be a master of their own voice.

Secondly, to be a member of such a group requires one to be an excellent team member. They each have to play their part well to ensure the whole group does well. Every person is so vital: sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, basses, people to sing melody, people to carry harmony, and vocal percussionist–yes, people who are skilled at imitating sounds of instruments–what a skill! If one person is off tempo or hitting the wrong note, the whole team could unravel or the song could fall apart (a bit dramatic but true in a sense).

I just applaud all of those who are being that excellent team member in an a cappella group. Hats off to you!

So, for final thoughts and curious questions, I ask: Where do you see excellent examples of teamwork? Any examples most people don’t consider? What are your thoughts on a cappella groups and teamwork? What leadership or teamwork lessons can you find there?

-Steph 🙂


P. S. Just some other a cappella videos I love if you’re interested:


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