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When It Rains…

When It Rains...

What do you do?

When it rains, what do you do?
Do you grab an umbrella?
Do you run through it or dance?
Do you jump in the puddles?
Do you sing “Rain, Rain go away” in true hopes that it stops raining?

Is your outlook on rain positive or negative?

Now, you may be asking “Why are you asking all these questions about rainy weather???”
Well the ultimate reason is that I believe it may reflect how a person handles dilemmas. This was my thought process just yesterday:
I had just finished a nice cup of coffee and a bit a work at breakfast in the University Center and was on my way to my first class. I stepped outside in a nice outfit–a new one that I was very proud of– to find that it was raining. As I walked across campus to one of the furthest building from the UC, I thought about the situation.
I thought about how I knew the sky looked grey this morning and how I knew there was a chance for rain.
I thought about how I had forgotten my umbrella and how I wasn’t exactly sure where it was.
I thought about how my cute outfit and nice boots were getting wet.
I thought about how the rain could get worse later.
And then I thought….well, why think this way? It wasn’t like I could change the weather, so why not just enjoy it, right?
It could still be a great day.

When an unexpected event happens like rain, a flat tire, or something messing up, what do you do? Do you stress? Do you panic? Does your temper rise? Does one hiccup ruin your whole day?

“Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.”
―Stephen Richards

I believe, we can really miss out on great things when we focus on the negative. I also believe that we don’t usually intend to think negatively. It is a reaction. It can be natural. It is the true rain. That is to say that negative thinking is the true rain cloud that over shadows a wonderful thing.

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”
― Michael Jordan

You have to intentionally be positive. So why not choose to be positive? Why not dance in the rain?

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will”

–Zig Ziglar

Think positive, enjoy the rain, and even dance 🙂


What are your thoughts on rain or positivity?


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  1. Great content! Great quotes! An inspirational read very much needed in our world today!

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