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I Believe in a Better Way

I Believe in Believing in a Better Way.

First, (I hate to redirect you, but it is the only way) check out this video here.

What exactly is that? Well, I believe the video explains it all; however, I’ll elaborate some. Believing in a Better Way is an organization started by a great friend and mentor of mine, Jerrod Murr, and he basically believes that there is a better way of living. Jerrod believes in living life to the fullest, in living a purposeful life. That passion has turned into a wildfire of inspiration and was the spark to this organization.

What does this organization do? It inspires people to chase after their dreams. It motivates people to live a purposeful life. It trains people to focus and build on their strengths.

If you read or follow my blog regularly, then you know how I feel about inspiring and motivating others. Therefore, you’ll understand that I believe in this organization a hundred and ten percent. Also, being a part of the 20 Camp which is a part of Believing in a Better Way, I say with much enthusiasm that this organization has been a blessing to be a part of. I’ve been inspired, seen people inspired, and have had the chance to inspire others.

Why am I blogging about this?
1. To share what I believe in. I’d love to know what you believe in! 🙂
2. To inspire. You can life a purposeful life and create your own organization that can impact lives.
3. To Promote? Definitely! If you haven’t been a part of this or experienced this, I highly encourage you to get connected.
4. To introduce a blog that is to come. I promise to post specifically about 20 Camp because that is absolutely what I believe in and is a strong passion of mine. 😀

You can check out Jerrod Murr at his blog here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my enthusiastic rant and that your interest is sparked.



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