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Create the Future You Imagine

Thanks for the opportunity, Murr. 🙂

Believing in a Better Way

Create the Future  a guest post by Stephanie Bolen

 What will tomorrow look like? What will next month look like? Or even next year? What will the future look like?

What do you think? What does the future look like to you? Will you be where you want to be in the future? Will your dreams be a reality? Will your goals be accomplished? How do you imagine the future?

I hope you look at the future with a positive attitude, an optimistic outlook. I hope you don’t let obstacles and moments of failure weigh you down. I hope you do not let the doubt whispered in your ear create a stumbling fear. I hope you don’t allow the excuses to pile up, making it easy to pause or stop… You have no excuse!

Oh, you have an excuse that explains why you can’t have the future you imagine? Baloney!

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