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Motivational Music

Having a rough day? In an awful mood? Do you need something to just add a little pep in your step?

Are you in need of some motivation?

You know, I believe music can have a significant impact on our lives. I think that the right song can make a bad day a little better, change a negative mood into a positive one, and give a person the motivation they need to keep moving forward.

Today, I thought it would be a good idea and some fun to share five songs that motivate me or just make my day a little bit brighter.

1. “Why Should I Worry”  from Disney’s Oliver & Company

2. “Something That I Want” by Grace Potter

3. “Shut Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol

4. “Haven’t Meet You Yet” by Michael Buble (love Michael Buble!)

5. “No Boundaries” by Kris Allen


These are just five songs that I play on a rainy day or for motivation. Trust me, I have many more. Now here is my question:  Is there a certain type of music you find motivating? What songs motivate you? Share them 🙂



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