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“If you think y…

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”
– Dame Anita Roddick


Seriously, think about this. I came across this excellence quote in a book I was skimming through, and I love it! It is honestly an great explanation of how anyone can make an impact. Even if it is a small act, it will have an impact.


You really can’t tell me that you haven’t woke up one morning with several new bug bites (if you can, you’re a very lucky being), and you didn’t know where they came from. Was a swarm of mosquitos in your room? Nope, most likely it was just one little hungry mosquito stuck in your room for the night. Is he going to waste the opportunity to make his impact? To miss out on an easy yummy meal? Nope. 


Now, you can have an impact with anything you do. In big and small acts, you are going to impact someone; however, the question is whether it will be a positive or negative impact? Obviously, the little mosquito’s impact was negative. Those little bites will cause a big negative itchy impact. 


What will your impact be? 


All I have to say is, Go for it! Be impacting! Be positive! Make a difference! 🙂




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