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Summer 2013 Bucket List Recap

Do you have a bucket list? Do you know what a bucket list is?

A year or two ago my friend Ryan Eller inspired me to create a bucket list. You should definitely check out his blog for some inspiration and motivation. Now, Ryan doesn’t just believe in creating a list but also living your list– “Live Your List” as he puts it. Check out his thoughts on living your list…here.

So I do have a bucket list, yes. In fact, you can find it…here. Trust me, it is still growing, but maybe it can provide you with some ideas. This blog post, however, is specifically about my summer bucket list– a list that I created to motivate me to accomplish things I’ve always wanted to do in the summer. And did it ever! I believe, my summer was more exciting and more enjoyable because I made the time to complete my summer bucket list. Side note: #1-25 were originally on the list at the beginning while #26-31 were added throughout the summer.

Lets recap:

  1. Go to an amusement part (8/11/13)This was achieved with my awesome family. I even challenged myself with some intense rides which you can read in my blog: Facing Fears. Plus, there is a great video of me screaming 😉
  2. Camping trip, and I get to build the fire lol (Basically 🙂 8/7/13)IMG_2740IMG_2736My friend Janna planned a camping trip for her birthday. Now, we tried to camp, we really did. I set up a tent and event made a quick fire in the sprinkling rain…but it was going to storm. Therefore, we made a fort in her house. I’m going to take it and say it counts. =] I mean, come on, the fort is awesome!
  3. VisitIMG_1345 the Reeds–Derek Anthony Reed and Kelli Clark-Reed (5/23-24/13)These two know how to be great hosts! They let me come and stay with them for two days and a night, and it was incredible! I only wished I had started to visiting them sooner, for now they’ve gone and moved to Alaska. Oh well, I’ll have to add visiting them in Alaska to my main bucket list 🙂
  4. Go on a trip to the Oklahoma Science Museum with my buddy- Kayla Kamp (6/1/13)IMG_1610A day with my bestest buddy is always great. This was a day jam-packed with us basically acting like kids as we tried to understand science lol. Plus, a car ride full of us singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” lol
  5. Spend a night with Janna Blumenberg in Edmond (8/7-9/13)Got to spend two!!! Full of laughs, pictures and great conversations.
  6. IMG_1409Go on a completely random road trip (5/23&24/13)I’m counting the Reeds taking me randomly to the Chickasay Culture Center and an Action Figure Museum. Loved it.
  7. Night hike at Sparrow hawk (5/6/13)Well my wonderful newly engaged friends, Joshua and Marissa were awesome enough to go with me on this hike in the dark of the night. Thanks guys!
  8.  Train up to run a 5k (Basically throughout the summer)I’ve been running…on and off. I can at least run 2 miles which is more than I could at the beginning of the summer.
  9. (I’m tempted to put “do insanity here”…)(This happened in the middle of July)Tempted…I kinda did and just left this here. I gave it a shot with some friends, and I’d have to say it is pretty insane.
  10. Go to a drive-in movie (8/4/13)IMG_2672Tried to go once with the sister, but it wasn’t working. Kayla and I accomplished this by going to see our favorite super hero: Wolverine!
  11. IMG_1417Lasertag will happen 😉 (5/23/13)Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER. Thank you Derek and Kelli for finally going with me!
  12. Movie marathon….but which series? (8/12/13)Star Wars with Brandi! Man, those movies are long though.
  13. Starkid marathon with Lizzie Depriest and Caitlyn Crissler. (8/15/13)Great time with these girls 🙂 Always great when we can get together and sing along to a musical.
  14. Go on a picnic (5/12/13)IMG_1030This was a great experience with my family as we took my mom out for Mother’s day. Best mom ever!
  15. Stargazing (5/6/13)And actually several other times this summer 🙂
  16. IMG_2156Sleep outside, in a hammock or on a trampoline (7/3/13)Even though Courtney didn’t sleep outside with us, she was nice enough to let me and Janna sleep out on her trampoline. Thanks!
  17. Finally watch Star Wars (8/12/13)With Brandi, yep. Now all my friends can stop bugging me about it.
  18. See the musical “Lion King” (6/9/13)IMG_1773I repeat: My Mom Is The Best!!! Forth row, aisle seat. I was more excited than most of the kids around me, I’m sure. This is, now, probably my favorite or second favorite musical. A must see!
  19. IMG_2634Attend some sporting event (7/30/13)This was completely random, but my knew friend Adam invited me to come to his church’s softball game. That day I made the road trip to see it and enjoyed it with great friends.
  20. IMG_2671Go to the Center of theUniverse (8/4/13)Kayla Kampand I had a blast discovering the awesomeness of this Tulsa treasure.
  21. Participate in an Open Mic Night (5/18/13)I got to sing musical songs and disney songs in a coffee shop. Enough said.
  22. Make a ton of bracelets to wear. It happens every summer (all summer and tons of bracelets were indeed made lol)I’m currently wearing 20, and I know I made tons for friends this summer. Needless to say, accomplished.
  23. Plan a fun way to see the sunrise (5/18/13)IMG_1277This actually happened 3 times, but this time was with Courtney Walker. We enjoyed Ihop-to-go while watching the sunrise over our hometown.
  24. Tie-dye (7/29/13)IMG_2626Yes! And they turned out great!
  25. Visit the IHOP (International House of Prayer) with Barbara (postponed)Only thing not accomplished because of scheduling issues. Will happen this fall because we’re determined.
  26. IMG_0880Dye my hair for the first time (5/10/13)Janna fully encouraged this, and it turned out looking pretty good. Definitely a fun friend experience.
  27.  Visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center (5/23/13)IMG_1403Random, but fun.
  28. IMG_1476Visit The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley (5/24/13)Great random road trip where we were just ourselves…nerds 🙂
  29.  Play the game risk for the first time (5/23/13)IMG_1441LOTR!Ok, I loved this game. We spent 7 hours playing it, and everyminute of it was fantastic. If you want to play, I’m absolutely up for a game.
  30. IMG_2773Go to Pops on Route 66 (8/8/13)I don’t drink pop, but I loved going and enjoying this place.
  31. Watch a meteor shower (8/11/13)This wasn’t on purpose, but was the best way to end my summer :DThat was my summer bucket list, and I’d like to thank all of those who helped make it possible and shared my enthusiasm.

    Now, I encourage you to make a bucket list. Make a specific bucket list! For a season or a trip. Make that bucket list and live it. 🙂



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  1. This is great! We’ve been working on a 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness and have been really enjoying this summer. We’ve only got about 25 or more to finish then I hope to compile them. It really helps make the most of the summer, right?


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