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Facing Fears

Truth: Everyone has fears.

You are afraid of something, and you can’t tell me otherwise. I fully believe that fears can be fought and even conquered. I believe in being as brave as you can and facing your fears head on. This is how I approach my fears.

I am terrified of heights. I mean physically terrified. My body literally acts of its own accord; it shakes, gets dizzy, and freezes against my will. Honestly, if I could help being afraid of heights, I would. There are so many things that involve heights–so many fun things! Therefore, I push myself anyways. I attempt to climb rock walls, I go zip-lining, I hike on cliffs, I ride ferris wheels, and I climb tall ladders. (Yes, even ladders can get me.) I know how much push to myself and when it is better not to.

Truly, my fear of heights is a fear of falling. The reason I’m writing this post is to share with you my recent fight against my fear. On a trip to an amusement park, I chose to go on the Geronimo which is literally a ride where you free fall from some huge height. It was my decision. My brother and Dad just jumped onto that bandwagon.

My heart raced, and I asked myself several times, “why in the world are you doing this!?”. What drove me? I want to be brave. I want to be adventurous. I don’t want to let this simple fear limit me and the things I can enjoy in life.

Therefore, I got strapped in, was pulled to the very top, and screamed the whole way down as I fell.

It. Was. Awesome!

And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

What are your fears? What are you going to let limit you? Stop you from enjoying life?



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