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Does Fear Hold You Back; Or Push You Forward?

This is an excellent blog post about fear, life, failure, and success. I’d definitely advise reading these thoughts and thinking about your life.
What are you afraid of? Failure? Life? What are you letting hold you back? How are you living your life?
Just thoughts to ponder today.
P.S. I believe in you.

Do Big Today


What holds you back in life? I’m held back by the same thing that holds everyone back; Fear. I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of rejection. I’m afraid of those who deny my dream. What if this doesn’t work? What if I fall on my face? What if every person who said, “You won’t make it.” was right? I think these are the same questions that most of us ask ourselves.

How do I overcome my fear? I have to remind myself that fear, is simply a motivator. Fear is  a thing that my mind creates to protect me from something. We fear things like spiders, and snakes, because these things can physically harm us. Since fear is something that my mind creates, then I can control it. All I have to do is remind myself what is truly worth fearing.

What should really be scary to us? We should…

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