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August Goals

I believe it is very important to have goals that one is working towards. Plus, I’ve some people in my life who are really good influences about such matters–always motivating, always encouraging. 

Therefore, I have a bucket list. I even have a summer bucket list. Well, now I have goals just for August, and I thought I’d share them. 

My August Goals:


  • Blog at least 5 days each week

  • Read 1 leadership book

  • Finish my summer bucket list

  • Work my way up to running 2.5 miles

  • Brain-dump every night

  • Get in the habit of a to-do list again

  • Definitely spend more time in prayer/listening to God

    These are my goals in August, and I’ll make sure to provide an update at the end of the month. 

    Do you have any goals? For this year, this season, this month? What are your August goals?



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  1. My August goals:

    1. No bread! (This is really hard and shared with Brandon Richards)
    2. Start Half-Marathon Training
    3. Spend 5 minutes in quiet time a day.


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