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Leadership in the Lion King.


First off, I love disney. True story. I also was very lucky to get the chance to go see the musical the “Lion King” with my amazing mother. It is probably the best musical I have ever seen. Anyways, this is about leadership in the “Lion King”. I know it is there, so I’m going to take the time to reflect upon it.


Simba goes through a lot in this story. From cub to lion, he has to understand the importance and responsibility he will have to take on one day, the balance of the circle of life, and that even kings get scared. I like lists, so lets list this out:

1. As a leader, team member, or potential leader, a person has to understand the responsibility and influence they have. Typically, it is more than you think. Also be aware that you never know who you are impacting or influencing.

2. A leader, team member, or potential leader should understand the importance and balance of a team. Everyone is significant and needed to succeed.

3. As a leader, you might get scared, stressed, or feel uncertain. It happens, and actually can be expected. Grow from it. However, as Mufasa states to Simba, ” being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble”. I do believe in pushing yourself but know your limits. Do not put yourself in a situation that is high risk on an unhealthy level.

If you get the chance to listen to the song “He lives in you” sung by Mufasa in the musical, do it. It is great, and I love the father-son scene. Anyways, Simba then has to live with the death of his father believing that it was his fault. During the animated movie version, I usually always tear-up watching it.

Next, is my favorite and probably final lesson: Rafiki’s lesson!

Wisdom Quotes Of Rafiki - Lion King

1. “Remember who you are”. A leader should have core beliefs and strengths they stick to, and they really should have a firm understanding of who they are before they lead others. In a spiritual aspect, you need to know who you are in God in order to lead others spiritually.

2. Don’t let past mistakes and issues weigh you down. Learn from them and move on! Blunt, plain, and simple. I love it! You can’t get anywhere if you keep living in your past.

Gugwana_Dlamini_as_Rafiki and_Jonathan_Andrew_Hume_as_Simba

Simba could of have just taken the easy life and stayed in the jungle with Timon and Pumba, but no, he bucked up and took on the challenge that was his responsibility. As a random last comment, I see people with great leadership potential doing this often. Taking the easy way, that is. They just live life taking the easy ways. Those ways or paths aren’t really paths to growor they are a much slower way of growing. Again, I strongly encourage believing in yourself and inspiring others.

Find any other leadership lessons in the Lion King? Got another Disney movie that teaches you about leadership? Let me know! 🙂



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