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One Push Out of the Nest…

Learning to Fly.

I fully believe in inspiring others and impacting others. One way, to me the key way, is showing that you, someone, believes in them. I am very lucky to have people in my life who do this for me. They make me feel as if I am believed in so much and have their support that I believe in myself. I want to just hit on one instance or technique that just happened today.

I’m going to call this technique, for the moment, the “Pushing Out of the Nest” technique. We all, or most of us know, that to teach a baby bird how to fly eventually they will need to take that first leap and try. Often, the momma bird pushes the baby bird out of the nest believing that baby bird will fly. She is putting her baby in that situation with her support and belief that it will fly.

I have lovely people, mentors, in my life who like to push me out of that nest. It most likely has happened at the Girl Scout camp, my youth internship, and the 2o Camp I work at–mostly the 20 camp. For example, I’ve been told ” Hey Stephanie, Learn these lines in a day to perform in a skit for tonight” or “Hey Steph, facilitate this activity”. Today’s instance was just one example. This morning I  went to a friend’s church for sunday school because I had plans that had me away from my church and kept me from staying for full service. I thought hey, I’ll sit in on a good sunday discussion with some friends. The youth pastor and director of the 20 Camp, Jerrod Murr, didn’t let me just come and sit. No, quickly and quite on the spot, he let me know that I was going to come up and lead the group in some activities. Of course, I was thrilled but my mind went blank, especially since I was trying to come up with games his students haven’t done before. Note, this is hard because most of the activities I learned are either from Murr or Ryan Eller and those students have probably encountered most of the activities I have on hand. It was true that my “go to” activities were ones the students would definitely know, but I still managed to come up with three quick activities (with the help of A-Mo) and lead them. It went so well; I mean I double checked with some friends, but they said I did a good job. Anyways, I felt incredible. Pushed out of the nest and soared!

It was my second 20 Camp when I learned the true importance to what they were doing, the real impact it had on me. That was where they first had me facilitate a team building activity on my own. That was when I realized how much their belief was building me up–my courage and confidence.

I suggest finding people (particularly mentors) to push you out of the nest and find people to push (be impacting).

Although, when pushing a person out of a nest, so to speak, you have to keep in mind that it should be something of their element. If someone was to push me out into the middle of a basketball court with a ball and say “Steph, play forward (whatever it may be called) and win this game”, well, I would try but my team would lose epically. Build them up and prepare them to fly. For example, Murr and Eller have taught me how to be a good facilitator, encouraged me, and equipped me with a good amount of activities.

It is all about seeing the potential in someone and giving them a shot to shine. Or believing they can fly and then giving them a push.



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  1. Great stuff! I enjoyed it very much! THanks for inspiring me.

  2. Only the birds that are ready get pushed, and only those who are willing will fly!


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