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Lets Start With…

An explanation. 

I’ll keep this first, well technically second post, simple. I’m just going to explain my username which sort of explains my blog title as well. My username is stephbo4themoon.

First, stephbo…. so I’m a part of this really great youth camp called the 20 Leadership 

Imagecamp. (check it out at At the camp, we do a lot of activities including icebreakers. We’ve one name game called the “J-Lo” name game. Basically, you take the first letter of your first name and first two letters of your last name; for example, Jennifer Lopez is J Lo. I, Stephanie Bolen, am S Bo. The name sticks for some people, and it stuck for me. My youth and some friends like to use it; however, they tend to also call me Steph-Bo which is the first part of my username. 

The second part, 4themoon, is in relation to my favorite quote “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” by Les Brown. I try to live my life by this quote. I keep by goals high, work hard towards every dream, take every opportunity, and appreciate what I have. Shooting for the moon, and reaching every star 🙂

And that is what stephbo4themoon is about.





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