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I’ve tried creating a blog before…I believe it was my freshman year of college. Needless to say, I didn’t keep up with it, and now it just sits on the internet untouched. Recently, the interest to blog has been sparked within me once again. I’ve a couple of friends who are great bloggers, and I always enjoy taking a peak at what they’re writing; however, credit for this goes to Ryan Eller and his recent post about why he blogs: . 

Here are my reasons to start this blog, and a few of them line up with Ryan’s:

1. Reinforces beliefs and strengths. 

2. Improve on skills, such as writing, analyzing, and more.

3. Challenge and push myself. I think keeping up with a blog and finding stuff to write about will push me creatively and more…by more, I mean being aware of the world around me. I have problem with not watching the news and getting stuck in my own little busy world. I want this blog to be an opportunity to learn, analyze, and discuss. 

4. It is a great bucketlist item to accomplish.

5. Perhaps I can inspire someone the way my blogging friends inspire me. They seem to add little tidbits to my life that I believe: 1.brighten my day. 2. help me grow in certain ways.

What am I going to write about? Who knows!?! I think there is some fun and excitement in that. Most likely, I’ll write about things that intrigue or inspire me. Either way, I’m ready and excited to take on being a blogger!



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